Cookies are used on most websites. They enable websites to recall previous visits you’ve made and improve the user experience by storing preferences and helping navigate between pages more efficiently. For example, cookies allow a site to remember preferences, recall what is in a user’s virtual shopping cart or keep a user logged in as they move from page to page on the site. Websites may use a ‘session cookie’ which is used for one visit, or a ‘persistent cookie’ (also known as a ‘tracking cookie’) that is used for multiple visits to that particular website. Some websites do use cookies for marketing purposes, allowing them to target their advertising messages and/or determine demographic information and web browsing behaviour. ‘First-party cookies’ are set by the website while ‘third-party cookies’ are set by other websites providing content on the webpage.

Stored in the web browser of a computer, mobile phone or other internet-connected device, a cookie is a text file that is put in place by a website’s server and that is only accessible by that server. The cookie contains the name of the website and some anonymous data.

AngloINFO website Cookies

The table below is a list of all cookies that may be set if you use an AngloINFO Website.

Name Party Type
PHPSESSID 1st Session Session-level cookie for www.angloinfo
AWSELB 1st Session Load Balancer cookie that creates a sticky session for a good user experience
__utma 3rd Timed to immediately time out Google Tracking
__utmb 3rd Times out in 20minutes Google Tracking
__utmc 3rd Session Google Tracking
__utmz 3rd 6 months Google Tracking
OAGEO 1st Session
OAID 1st Immediate time out
AWSELB 1st Session Google Tracking
__utma 3rd Timed to immediately time out Google Tracking
__utmb 3rd Times out in 20minutes Google Tracking
__utmc 3rd Session Google Tracking
__utmz 3rd 6 months Google Tracking
ASPSESSIONIDCSCACBTQ 1st Session ASP session cookie that checks if the user is logged into the forum
tSrc 1st 3 months Translator (local language)
tDst 1st 3 months Translator (destination language)
last%5Fhere%5Fdate 1st 2.5 hours Data to help deliver the Forum.
User 1st 3 months Stores user information for Forum users
newweatherfeed 1st 1 year Stores favourite weather station location.
OAGEO 1st Session Media server control cookie to create a distribution of graphical advertising
OAID 1st Immediate time out As above
_OACCAP[3445] 1st Immediate time out As above
_OASCCAP[3445] 1st Session As above
_OACBLOCK[3445] 1st 1 month As above
OACBLOCK 1st 1 Month As above
OACCAP 1st Immediate time out As above
OASCCAP 1st Session As above
id 3rd 2 years Tracking cookie placed by doubleclick supplied code
pref 3rd Immediate time out
test_cookie 3rd 6 months Tests for permission to add cookies by
hidescamhelp2 1st 60 days Hides the safe internet browsing information
B 1st 2 years Cookie that tracks use of the Yahoo Babel Fish translator


How to prevent cookies being set

If you prefer not to have cookies set by AngloINFO websites, follow the instructions found at the following website. Please note that disabling cookies may prevent you from fully utilising AngloINFO websites.

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